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5 responses to “Cisco UMI: A Non Starter?”

  1. VP

    If Umi can also call regular phones for just voice call, then $24.99 monthly service fee is justified. It would be a killer of Vonage.

    The device cost if between $300-$400 would be in a sweet spot. A service contract of 2 years or so would be able to reduce and subsidize the device cost with service provider.

    Cisco can also create a tiered service plan for say 30/60 calls per month for example at $14.99 for low cost starting point.

    There could be a Free but just tax ( like Ooma ) option to attract a large crowd into video calling.

  2. Greg

    I think if they can get the price point under $200 then they might have something that people will want and use just look at Blue-ray now that the prices have dropped. However while I like having the option of sitting in the living room to video chat personally I would opt of a smaller video phone in my office or kitchen.

  3. cluelessinky

    Why do I need this? I all ready use my laptop connected to my 42″ flat screen to video conference. Those who connect with me do the same. No extra costs and no extra hardware

  4. Joe G

    I was ready to buy one for my parents who don’t use a computer. I was willing to get them a service provider. Then I saw the extra service charge for Umi. Why the charge? I’ll wait for the iPad with built in camera. Sorry Cisco, this is a real deal breaker.

  5. jeff k.

    has anyone looked into the ACN video phone?costs about 179.00 requires high speed internet and 29.99 mo. service confrencing with 3 people and unlimited calling.