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Strategic Consultant with HYPE Innovation, helping enterprises get more value from their innovation programs. Firm believer in the concept of jobs-to-be-done, which stresses the importance of understanding customers' wants and needs. Also sports a 2:57 marathon PR. Dad to two awesome kids.

24 responses to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2.0 ROI”

  1. Mark Fidelman

    I am in awe of you Sir.

  2. Barthox


    Nice post and great idea to use the Pyramid metaphora!

    Yet, since it has been proven that customer satisfaction is strongly correlated to Employee Statisfaction, I believe that Employee Satisfaction should be dealt with before the Customer Satisfation … so it would be lower in the pyramid …

    What do you think?

  3. Rodolfo Sotelo

    Overall, I liked your flow. however, I would emphasize in Cross-org collaboration – Innovation Culture – Customer Satisfaction – Employee satisfaction & Revenue generator. I do think all these pieces link together in a simultaneously and retrospective feedback. They cannot survive without the others. An organization would not survive if these elements do not keep encompassing the business all the time. it is a mutual collaboration of goals.

  4. Shane Hudson

    I have written about Maslow before but I have never seen this model.

    I find it very interesting and agree with almost all of it. The only part that I do not agree with is that revenue is more important than customer satisfaction, if the customers are loving it then money WILL follow.

    Remember… Money is just a bonus of Success.

  5. Björn

    Love the post, agree with most of it. One question though, are the images copyrighted or might one borrow the pyramid?

  6. Björn

    Great post. Right now I am working with a client looking to expand their sales in general and cross sales in particular. This post will keep me on the straight and narrow and respect where it fits in the hierarchy.

  7. Intranet Software Guy

    Wow, this was a great read. Going to tweet it out under Enterprise 2.0 tag.

  8. Ellen Feaheny

    Phenomenal article Hutch !

    Some thoughts:

    * allowed vulnerability to share ideas and not be slapped == ROI
    * giving natures vs take take take attitudes, which encourages even more growth == ROI
    * respect of ideas to grow and evolve them, vs getting stuck == ROI
    * continually strengthened relations (inside and out) allowing more ideas, progress == ROI
    * with faster ideas (and flush of them) is better development in agile ways == ROI
    * when customers involved, market driven products with stronger relations evolve == ROI
    * with fear of failure removed, allows faster innovation == ROI
    * when shared ideas are published, responsibility for the ideas increases == ROI
    * with responsibility (published in ideas) often comes results == ROI

    … and much more as you have so eloquently crafter together – just awesome stuff.

    As @dahowlett said here also well (another great article) – Blame, efficiency: OUT. Responsibility, effectiveness: IN”

    .. however, I do believe that efficiency can be a byproduct anyways ..