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Technology, Design, and Innovation strategist at the Office of the CEO, SAP,  focusing on technology and architecture strategy and strategic operational, product, and management innovation.  Adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University with the department of computer engineering teaching graduate classes.  Frequent speaker at conferences, special events, Chirag blogs at Cloud Computing.

3 responses to “NoSQL Is Not SQL And That’s A Problem”

  1. Bradford

    Chirag — thanks for the article! It’s a good summary.

    At Drawn to Scale (, we’re actually tackling the main problem you mentioned, “Design a data store that has ubiquitous interface for the application developers and is independent of consistency models, upfront data modeling (schema), and access algorithms. ”

    Our new data platform is easy, fast, and scalable. You don’t have to know what’s going on under the hood or in the cloud. It Just Works 🙂

    We’re enabling businesses to focus on building what makes them great, instead of building a data infrastructure.

  2. Moshe Kaplan

    Hey Chirag,

    NoSQL being not SQL was a major issue in the past, and it was a major reason why Gigaspaces and other players in the market had major issues in the past getting into the market. However, the market has changed. NoSQL is not a niche anymore, backed by FB, Linkedin, Amazon and Google it becames a mainstream.
    Please notice that in the near future several startups will solve this gap between SQL interface and NoSQL flexibility (contant me if you need more information)

    Keep Performing,
    Moshe Kaplan
    mokplan at gmail dot com