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Technology, Design, and Innovation strategist at the Office of the CEO, SAP,  focusing on technology and architecture strategy and strategic operational, product, and management innovation.  Adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University with the department of computer engineering teaching graduate classes.  Frequent speaker at conferences, special events, Chirag blogs at Cloud Computing.

2 responses to “The Future Of BI In The Cloud


  1. Sam Boonin


    Agree with a lot of your points, but I think the over-generalizations are leading to bad behavior in the early days of Cloud BI. At its best, Cloud BI can be a disruptive innovation, and just like other disruptors, it often lacks the features that ‘real, tested’ technologies have.

    BI folks love their big DBs, but do they really need Cassandra, Hive, Hadoop for everything?

    For example:

    “Traditional OLAP data warehouses don’t translate well into the cloud” — this leads everyone to over-sample MapReduce approaches. Keep in mind that 90% of the DWs in the world are < 100GB, and those are easily handled in OLAP/SQL. The cloud offers it on-demand, just as EC2 offers CPU on demand.

    "The cloud does not make it a good platform for I/O intensive applications such as BI" – again, true for compute-intensive BI tasks, but most of the calculations required by business users are simple math: aggregations, filters, slice and dice, etc.

    I'd ask all Cloud BI practitioners to spend time on simpler, achievable Cloud BI projects. Just like in the early days of the web when we spun up our own blogs and websites, and
    in the early days of the cloud when we all built apps on the early days of EC2.