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  1. Alec Gardner
    April 12, 2011

    Your final comment on Assertion number 3 is why virtualisation of storage *within a single Data Warehouse environment* is so key. This needs to be done wthout the need for manual intervention. Refer assertion 5. It is therefore in fact, very easy and not something that requires more time and energy. Solutions need to be developed at a software layer. Far too many people are falling for hardware ‘innovations’ (this is not new stuff) and assuming it fixes software problems. It never does.

    It becomes important (and more complex) at build time to configure the balance of CPU power and storage in a mixed storage environment but that’s trivial when compared to the benefit of mixed storage over ‘one size (and cost profile) fits all’.

    • Chirag Mehta
      April 12, 2011

      Yes, Alec, you’re absolutely right. As I like to say, software is the new hardware.

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