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2x startup Founder & CEO who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. His first company, BuildOnline was sold in 2005, his second, Koral was acquired by and became known as Salesforce Content, while Mark served as VP Product Management. In 2007 Mark joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner.  He focuses on early-stage technology companies, usually looking at Series A investment, and blogs at the aptly titled Both Sides of the Table.

3 responses to “Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You”

  1. paul

    Gold, wish i’d written it

  2. German Retana

    If you are interested in using academic frameworks such a Christensen’s to understand IT industry’s evolution, and in particular the cloud industry, I’d like to share my ideas with you.
    I actually wrote a whole blog post a while ago in which I go beyond Christensen’s frameworks to try to explain the cloud as a technological innovation:

    In particular, regarding Christensen’s ideas, I believe that “What the cloud has done new is to offer the servers, storage, development platforms, and software applications as “cheaper, simple, more convenient products or services that start by meeting the needs of less-demanding customers” (Christensen et al., 2000). Christensen’s concept of a disruptive innovation (Christensen, 1997) matches the fact that most of the cloud’s early adopters are startups and small vendors.”