5 responses to “Impact of Touch on WebApps”

  1. MikeKnoop

    Well, capacitive screens have the ability to detect the distance your finger or capacitive pen are away from the screen. Wacom tablets have been doing this for a while, when your pen gets within 1-2 cm from the screen, a cursor hovers under the tip. This seems like a natural extension of the “onhover” events pervasive in many of languages you outlined in the article.

  2. Andre H

    i am using the nokia n900 which has flash player
    version 9.

    Nokia has dealt well with those websites. there
    is an option to turn on the browser to act like a

    From the wiki:

    Swipe finger from the left of the screen (outside
    of screen), towards right (into the screen)
    Hover mode. An arrow is displayed on the left.
    Clicking the arrow creates a pointer that can be
    used as a mouse to select text. Deactivate by
    clicking the arrow on the left. A quick hover can
    also be performed by swiping-and-holding finger
    on screen. This keeps the pointer visible until
    the finger is lifted. Also, pressing space
    performs a button click while on “quick hover”.
    This can be handy if you just need to access a
    mouse-hover menu or such.

  3. brudgers

    Mouseover probably kills touchscreen for general computing, not vice versa.

    Of course gorilla arm killed touchscreen for general computing already.

    There will continue to be specialized applications for touchscreen, but the whole web won’t be reorganized for it.

    Touchscreen will remain a limited application with a diminished web experience.

  4. Mike Cane

    News? Not.

    Web Designers: Wake Up And Smell The Touchscreen Coffee!

  5. iptiam (iPad, Therefore I Am)

    Disagree on this being the primary reason behind exclusion of flash from the iPad.

    There is a bigger move towards HTML5 thats driving the whole thing. I think the question is this: how do you want the Internet to be in 5 years – a browser with 4-5 plugins or just the browser and everything else as standard?

    We have two posts on this topic,
    Adobe’s Flash getting dimmer? and No Flash on iPad : The Real Reason