One response to “Do we need openness for our toaster?”

  1. aespinoza

    Is Opening your toaster illegal? No. Opening the iPad or iPhone’s code is. Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from. But to just let Apple sends us back to the dinosaurs era, just because of usability is stupid.

    I think we have grown enough as a society and as a community to openness. We are forcing companies to become Open.

    Apple is just going to make things closed. That is what they know, and that is what they will do. They have become the ‘Dictator’ in the 1984 ad.

    I agree that the iPad is focused at non-techies, but does that mean that openness is only for non-techies? I don’t think so.

    See this is culture. If Microsoft was the one behind the iPad, the community would up in arms about it. But since it is Apple, everybody supports it. The Open Source community has an idea of Apple as part of the community, and we just don’t notice, that they are all but open. They are even worse than Microsoft.

    I think that we should still strive for Apple to open their products. I believe that they can be open and usable at the same time. They have the leadership, they just need the values.

    And just for the record, a toaster is fully open and legally too.