David heads up D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting as well as advising on Cloud based solutions for accounting, content, collaboration, and web publishing. He is Chair of the UK's Intellect Software as a Service Group, a director of EuroCloud UK, on the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum and a regular speaker at social media and Cloud Computing events including chairing London's Cloud Computing World Forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has been appointed to the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum. David organizes London Wiki Wednesdays, was one of the founders of CreativeCoffee Club and was part of the team that started Amplified (the Network of Networks). LinkedIn TwitterFacebook

One response to “The SaaS applications wiki – open for business”

  1. Ben Kepes

    David – I commented over on BTZ but I’ll do the same here. I applaud this initiative – it is, after all, what I’ve been doing over the past couple of years with my reviews of accounting/ERP applications here on CloduAve. I do however have some concerns. Information wants to be free and non-proprietary. There’s a reason that Wikipedia works so well, that Wikileaks is fiercely independent and that Linux isn’t “owned” by a commercial entity. So to with this initiative. I think there needs to be some clarity around the end game for this thing – those who invest time and effort into it (especially those who aren’t vendors) would be crushed to see the efforts of the many monetized by the commercial imperatives of the few.

    I’m a fan of full disclosure – it makes life much more simple….