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2 responses to “Why? Why? Facebook Mail”

  1. Aaron

    You said:

    “Now it’s clear that Google, Apple, and Facebook are all symbiotic enemies … and Microsoft is collateral damage.”

    I think this is because it’s all about money and profit to them. Instead of creating a product in the USER’S best interest, they’re all getting greedy and trying to create a product in their bank account’s best interest. What is a product that would be in the user’s best interest you may ask? Complete compatibility, synchronization and agreement between the services instead of competing against one another and trying to get everyone to use their service instead.

    The point of the matter is, everyone is going to have different accounts. Some may only use Facebook, others Google, etc. Why not create a joined agreement. A great example of this would be video chat. I feel Skype is another company that has money before their users on their mind. What if Google, Facebook, Skype and Apple got together to make a product that no matter what account you had you could voice chat, im and video chat to your friends? Nooooo That’d be too perfect. Anyways that’s all I have to say, but it really is a shame they aren’t more open to this.