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2x startup Founder & CEO who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. His first company, BuildOnline was sold in 2005, his second, Koral was acquired by and became known as Salesforce Content, while Mark served as VP Product Management. In 2007 Mark joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner.  He focuses on early-stage technology companies, usually looking at Series A investment, and blogs at the aptly titled Both Sides of the Table.

2 responses to “Embrace Your Losses – They Will Make You Stronger”

  1. Mel Pullen

    Nice post. There’s always more blocking techniques to learn about. I suppose at some point you either get frustrated and give up, or keep battling and eventually win.

    I had hoped shepherding a bunch of neophyte apprentice programmers would help with winning contracts – the cute puppy dog appeal.

    Not a chance. It became the easiest objection. No experience. I can field a management team and outsource development and that’s fine. Grow your own team and that’s an unknown.