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VP Enterprise Marketing for PBworks,  first investor in and previously interim CEO of Ustream.TV.  Chris is an active angel investor and the founder and Chairman of the Harvard Business School Technology Alumni Association (HBSTECH). Chris earned two degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His personal blogs are Adventures in Capitalism and Ask the Harvard MBA.

One response to “Don’t Take Sides, Take Issues (How To Think About Wikileaks)”

  1. Pat Boardman

    There was an incident of a gunship in Iraq killing 2 Reuters journalists and seriously wounding 2 children. I watched the video on Wikileaks showing how the gunners saw one of them crawling away wounded from the pile of dead bodies….they lined him up in their sights trying to finish him off as a van pulled up to save him. The 2 kids were in the van, visible in the side window through a scope but the helicopter sprayed the vehicle with machine gun fire until one of the guns jammed. Only the children were still alive and when the ground troops arrived, instead of getting them to U.S. medical facilities they turned the kids over the Iraqi police to get them to hospital. Those were .50 caliber rounds so their wounds must have been horrific. Everybody else was killed. Obviously the soldiers are under pressure to find targets, but verbally the army stated that the journalists were killed accidentally as collateral damage in a battle with the enemy. Unless the public can be aware of the fraternity-like disregard for that infests the military, it would never come out. The U.S. has plenty of dirty laundry to hide and if there’s no transparency, there’s no freedom.