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7 responses to “Microsoft and Cloud – they just don’t get it, do they?”

  1. Mikey

    Microsoft is in the buggywhip business – they just don’t know it yet.

  2. schultzter

    I get Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services. They basically built their infrastructure for themselves and then said “we can re-sell the bits we’re not using, we can even make money from the infrastructure that runs our services that we make money from!”

    But I don’t get Azure. Well, I get that Microsoft saw others going somewhere and had run to the front of the line and try to butt-in; and I get there’s always some butt-kissers who will buy anything Microsoft tells them to – and other’s that MS can always arm-twist.

    But Google and Amazon (and others, those two are just the biggest fish) are eating their own dog food – they’re using their own platforms as well. Azure is just another product in the Microsoft line-up – it’s not critical to themselves, if the Azure platform goes down no one at Microsoft will know until a user tells them (well, I’m sure they’re monitoring it, but Steve Ballmer doesn’t log onto Azure every morning).

  3. Anthony Fejes

    That’s funny – I was just ranting about the same thing. Anyhow, it’s worse than just a lack of understanding: If Microsoft adopts the cloud, it will make their desktop obsolete, but if they fail to adopt it, they’ll lose out to the innovators. I have some hope that this is the beginning of the end of Microsoft, but they always find a way to push what they’re selling.

  4. Erix

    Hi there,

    Your main point is about the need to install something on your local hard drive before seeing a presentation / demo about the Cloud.
    To me the Cloud does not have to be limited to Web-based applications and there is still a future for local apps (it even seems to me that downloading apps from Cloud Stores is very trendy these days, see Apple).
    Google vision is: the device is just a host for a browser.
    It used to be the vision of Sun few years ago (NC, the Network Computer). RIP.

    IMHO, the future is in a balance of Cloud based resources accessed from powerful devices.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. Solartoy

    I’m now convinced that one of tech enthusiast favorite pastimes is to criticize Microsoft no matter what it does; any success will be downplayed and every failure ridiculously magnified. Put the Apple or Google brand onto almost any recent MS product and folks would be raving instead.

    Anyhow, have your fun; keep yet again killing Microsoft as it has been for the past decade. In the end you know that you are just another secret admirer, throwing stones at the giant to see if it turns its mighty gaze to look at tiny you.