3 responses to “ChromeOS is a Very Big Deal”

  1. Mikey

    The buggy whip makers laughed at the idea that people would ever want a horseless carriage. Seems to me they went out of business not understanding the implications of change in technology.

    The same will happen over time to the software vendors selling physical copies that can only be used on a piece of hardware be it Mac or Windows.

    It will be interesting to watch.

  2. Matt

    I was thinking about the Chrome OS last night so your comments are timely. I rely heavily on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. My iPhone is in use 24×7, my iPad when I write (using google docs) and my MacBook is starting to become a pain to carry and charge. FYI – I love google.

    To me the Internet, especially now with the Cloud, means I can access my data the same way from any device from any location.

    Until Chrome or the Chrome OS allows me to synch my apps, games, extensions and themes from one Chrome browser to another, it’s just another OS that ties me into using the same computer in order to work the way I need to work.

    I don’t want all my productivity extensions installed on my Chrome OS then when I switch to my iPad (or Droid tablet) be totally lost because I do not have access to the Chrome extensions I’m use to using each day.

    I would love to see Chrome become a virtual OS that I can access from any device thus being able to have the same experience regardless of what I use to access the Internet.

  3. Aad 't Hart

    A little over a year ago I already wrote my 2 cents about Google Chrome OS: http://blog.aadjemonkeyrock.com/2009/11/chrome-os-my-2-cents-into-future.html

    Today some details have changed, but the overall thought is still true. I absolutely believe that at least 80% of my daily computing will happen in the cloud accessible from various light weighted clients. Chrome OS is the first client designed for this purpose.