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Lean, Kanban, Agile Pairing, TDD (sometimes test after) software architect and programmer. Worked with distributed (called cloud sometimes) computing services since 2007 using phat data (8 billion rows of data on an AVERAGE day, sometimes called big data) and everything from business intelligence to the nitty gritty of array structures inside file based data stores to create caching tiers for custom software needs. Currently pushing for distributed technologies & improving software architecture, better data centers, the best software development practices and keeping everything secure in the financial industry again. To see what I'm up to today, check out my blog at Composite Code.

One response to “Top 10 Cloud Predictions by…”

  1. Nico van den Bergh

    On the whole, I suspect that the ‘Cloud’ will develop in a similar way as the “Paperless Office”:
    When, back in the 1980 ‘s and early 1990 ‘s offices became gradually more automated, people expected that less and less paper would be necessary.
    Nowadays, quite the opposite is true; despite all the possibilities of digital storing, the use of paper has only increased.

    So: when organizations do decide to work fully or partially in the ‘Cloud’, employees will still copy documents and files to their own terminals.