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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

4 responses to “Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use”

  1. Frederic Charles

    We started our discussions with several vendors of collaborative tools in 2009, exactly on that basis. Including social networks, picture management… They protide us monthly and detailed usage stats

  2. Nicolas Steinmetz

    Who should pay then ? The one who contributes or the one who consumes ? Both use it but not the same way. For both use cases, it’s not easy to say that “the more you consume, the more you pay” or “the more you contribute, the more you pay” or “the more you consume/contribute, the less you pay”. Both for editors or customers, the best solution looks so far to be the average and same price for everybody.

    If you say the less you consume/contribute, the more you pay, for adoption, not sure it’s the best way as people will stop with this barrier.

    Not that easy to find the right model with this interesting approach.

  3. esteban kolsky


    You hit on a good topic – but you may be calling for something that won’t happen for some time. True cloud applications require a new licensing / pay-for-use model just for the nature of how they work (micro apps, complete a function, receive micro payment). We saw this shift from traditional licensing to rent licensing when we shifted to what we call cloud today (hosted applications) and we will see another shift when we arrive to a true cloud model.

    Alas, there are two reasons this is not happening yet.

    1) we don’t have the infrastructure to do this (forget the admin app, the server has to be able to work in the same manner, and servers and apps are not prepared to do that yet)
    2) organizations cannot yet process a different licensing model (in your example, a large organization, it is likely that they have a compliance, procurement, and finance departments that are setup to work in a specific manner – changing that model is not that simple, changing people’s perceptions even less so).

    So, even though the model you are asking for would deliver a reasonable perspective to work in the cloud – it will take some time to get there.

    Nice post, like the reasoning.

  4. Martijn Linssen

    Thank you Frederic – great that this idea is already in place! Hate to be an innovator 😉
    Just kidding though: how do you like that then? I’m very interested in your experience there

    Hi Nicolas, the “pay-per-contribution” model is a tough one indeed, should reward be the driver or punishment? If you’d set a baseline achievement as a company, I know what will happen: that will be quantatively met – and ruin everything
    The same price for everybody – who does that include? The lurkers as well?

    Of course the entire model isn’t fancied by the vendors as their actual renumeration will depend on the company’s success using the platform – but then again maybe that can work as a nice bonus-malus system

    It ain’t that easy indeed…

    Hi Esteban, thanks for the early showstopper LOL

    I’m sure we have the infra for this, I’m missing something here I guess – can you elaborate please?
    I don’t know much about how exactly how those departments work other than that they pay one bill for x users – maybe I was a little too ambitious and should have gone for not paying for the lurkers instead; would that have been a better scope?

    Haven’t heard from @Yammer nor @SocialText yet, alas – maybe they don’t work over the weekend and will give it a go in a few hours from now 😉