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3 responses to “Magazines On The Cloud: Barnes And Noble Should Get Their Act Together”

  1. schultzter

    So did you manage to un-subscribe or are you still paying for magazines you don’t want? I’m REALLY interested in these kind of appliances. A computer is such wild overkill for my parent’s generation. The stuff they used to get from newspapers and magazines is all online now, but they’re not used to sitting at a desk and going online – they want to sit on the couch or with a coffee and read their articles. Something like a connected eBook reader is the ideal device. But with horror stories like this it looks like they’re getting a computer and I’m doing tech support!!!

  2. Krish

    After I posted this one, they sent a mail saying they have canceled my subscriptions but it is still showing up in my account. I emailed them back about it and I haven’t got a response yet.

  3. bciocco

    Another example of customer service passing the buck.
    In real customer service, the B&N rep would have handled the situation regardless of the final vendor. Your contract is with B&N, not their vendor. The CSA should have taken your information and done whatever is necessary to fix the situation behind the scenes. At the very least, hey should have contacted Zinio on the three way call and discussed the situation with the Zinio rep. Then, the B&N rep would have learned the situation and not made the mistake in the future.
    I think customers should demand that kind of service and if the CSA will not provide it, we should take it up the chain until someone will take care of us properly.