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3 responses to “I thought I Was So Cloud”

  1. Zoli Erdos


    I share your pain … even without something as dramatic as a harddisk crash. I’m now using 4 computers, not counting the iPad. Like you, I think “I am so Cloud”, so moving between them should be seamless.

    It almost is. My data is always there and always uptodate. But if I turn on a laptop I have not touched for a week, there is a painful process of Win updates, Firefox updates, FFox plugin updates, Adobe updates – just to name a few. Sometimes the popup windows from these suckers interfere with each other, the crazier ones want to reboot while others still install … yes, there is still too much on the local computers. 🙁

  2. Reillyusa

    Nice story 😉 at Bechtel, we’ve been busy rebuilding our environment for 3 years and the very first mandate was “a browser and an internet connection”. The reason ? We have a lot of people who participate in our environment from machines we don’t control and many of which are locked down by outsourcing companies providing the standard seed. Away went Silverlight, Flash and any other plug ins. It’s been a pain in the neck but with Ajax and now html5 it do-able.

  3. swapnil.tamse

    It seems like u took great pains to show cloud usage as a tedious process.
    Most of the installations that u claim to install are a child’s play.
    One time implemented and done till the next improbable crash.
    Recall in the old days,on your PC,before ghost utility disk,it was a pain to install all required softwares one by one.

    Its still in the nascent stages,and this cloud blasting was least welcome