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2 responses to “Google's Shot at the Waterline with China”

  1. Business women

    Google should get out because they are doing more harm than good. They should understand that the term ‘unscrupulous Chinese’ is not a racist epithet.
    They will steal every idea that they can and give nothing to the creators except the ideological middle-finger salute. Any new advances in technology that costs millions to develop will be mass marketed to the world and manufactured in China.
    There tons of Chinese on the internet of the free world where they are extolling the virtues of the Han people. They lie, connive, act in unison with others whom will corroborate to put out the party line as gospel truth by seeming to be the people being picked on because of their race. Hiding, through their lies, their ultimate aim of regional hegemony.
    Giving them the means to copy anything and everything will then be used to give them more control and power over the people under their chains. Google should stand up and tell the Chinese government to back off.
    These aren’t fantasies or things meant to disparage the Chinese. China is neither a just nor an open society and it uses the internet as an instrument of oppression.
    Stephanie Mcnealy