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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

5 responses to “InMaps – a priceless gem”

  1. Phil O'Brien

    Hi Martin. Really good post on how you have navigated through your connections on InMaps. I’ve been thinking that printing it out on a big sheet of paper would be the best way to work (like DJ Patil, the inventor does here – ) – but you’ve convinced me that taking time and clicking on the links on-screen is real added value.

    >>”How often will I repeat this exercise? Well, maybe once per 3-6 months, I must admit, it’s not something I’ll use every day….”

    Building a strong, supportive Personal Network is a strategic process (not the tactical mush of those networking events). You have got it right, the overview of the “map” to check where you are is probably a 2-4 times a year review.

  2. Phil O'Brien

    Sorry – forgot to paste the link to InMaps Inventor DJ Patil showing his LI map on paper: P

  3. Martijn Linssen

    Thank you Phil!

    I’ll go through it again in the coming days, after I viewed that vid – the great thing is that clicking on someone will reveal all his or her ties with others in your network, highlighting those over the rest, and disabling mouse-over for the rest as well; so that’s truly an exercise you have to do and can’t be done on paper

  4. Mark W Schaefer

    Well done!