David heads up D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting as well as advising on Cloud based solutions for accounting, content, collaboration, and web publishing. He is Chair of the UK's Intellect Software as a Service Group, a director of EuroCloud UK, on the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum and a regular speaker at social media and Cloud Computing events including chairing London's Cloud Computing World Forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has been appointed to the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum. David organizes London Wiki Wednesdays, was one of the founders of CreativeCoffee Club and was part of the team that started Amplified (the Network of Networks). LinkedIn TwitterFacebook

2 responses to “Salesforce shows the future of enterprise collaboration – but have they got the branding right?”

  1. Pablo

    Yammer may do what you’re looking for.
    Teambox has not only internal per-project twitters, but also project-management features. Give it a try, and if you like it write us! We’re open for partnerships.

  2. emschles

    “Facebook for Business” or “Chatter for Students” !!

    Clearly, the most adept group of users [students] will benefit from Chatter; as will the universities that seek their interest and participation through out the ‘student life cycle’. Imagine the power of Chatter for Students (and Higher Ed in general) – who can now share; classes, study groups, assignment projects, social interests, curricula, career aspirations and experiences, content, research; join common groups as members of specific Colleges, departments, upperclassmen, Freshman, Sophomores, frats, sororities…… [ADD YOURS HERE] ……. in a SECURE environment that is flexible enough for personalization; all while taking advantage of a common security and data model. And, because the interface is familiar – the learning curve is about a half a minute !!!

    By the way – we can explore the implications for MOBILE and iPad and eTextbooks at another time – all available immediately when Chatter becomes generally available (http://thehigheredcloud.com).

    And what about those student graduates? Now they can have a shared platform so they can stay connected to their Alma mater and each other and all those wonderful experiences they had in school. Keeping those ‘memories’ fresh, relevant and alive will insure benefits to the individuals and the institution (think Fund Raising, Career Development). Chatter for Students or Facebook for Business – call it what you want; its a wonderful tool to engage the student from application through the entire ‘student life cycle’