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Christian currently serves as Manager of Product & Demand Management at Bechtel Corporation, working in a niche position between the business and technology delivery teams to help identify opportunities to drive worldwide innovation in the mobile and cloud computing areas. Prior to this, Christian was Principal Technology Architect at Manager of Global Systems Engineering at Bechtel. Having gained hands-on experience in 15 different countries designing and managing complex IT environments in support of worldwide project execution, Christian brings a wealth of enterprise experience and led a team that architected and deployed one of the world's first true private cloud infrastructures. Christian is one half of The Loose Couple Blog team and his disclaimer can be found here.

2 responses to “Service Please…”

  1. Yoram Heller

    Very well said!!

    The cloud is about ORCHESTRATION of services – whether they be an elastic platform for internal developers or fault-toleran/elastic, PORTABLE, cloud ready applications for end users/customers.

  2. Adam Savino

    Great point about the private cloud. Citrix has been championing a bring your own device methodology, with an infrastructure like yours the possibilities for rapid deployment and elastic growth are amazing. The big benefit to the end user and, specifically, small business will be when the cloud becomes less about individual service delivery and more like purchasing a share of the private cloud you have created. Then the true benefit of “the cloud” will be realized.