RIM:Back From the Brink?

RIM:Back From the Brink?

I am a sucker for the underdog. I love the battle, the strategy, the market dynamics. The ‘We’re Not Number One, So We Try Harder’ mentality. I think that’s why I was originally attracted to Android. I saw the potential of the OS early in the game (bought the first Android phone).  I’ve been an […]

Why I've defected from BlackBerry to the Apple iPhone

Why I’ve defected from BlackBerry to the Apple iPhone

After 6 years happily thumb tapping my way around my email and messages with the real keyboard of the BlackBerry smart phone platform I defected to the Apple iPhone back in July (even though the new iPhone 5 was imminent).  It’s such a shame – I’ve been a big fan of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry […]